Autologic is a world leader in advanced aftermarket automotive diagnosis.
Autologic help you fix European cars, faster.



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Diagnostic Trolley

The Ultimate  Diagnostic Centre. Work smarter and perform your diagnostics with essential Battery Support at your finger tips and safety


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GYS Flash 50-24

Gysflash 50-24 HF is a high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology with 5 functions


GYS Flash102

Specifically designed to be fitted on a wall or on a car lift, the vertical GYSFLASH 102.12 is a very powerful inverter battery charger able to supply up to 100A


GYS Flash 100-12

Advance battery charger: ensures an ideal charging cycle for battery maintenance for the most modern vehicle


GYS Flash Chargers

• Charges from as low as 1 volt.
• Protection for on-board electronics of your car.
• Protection against short circuits/ polarity reversals/ overvoltage

Full Range


A processor-controlled charger with protection against polarity reversal, short circuit and overload for 12 V, 24 V and 36 V with automatic battery voltage detection.


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GYS Batium 15-24

50% shorter charge time compared to a traditional charger. Batium ensures an ultra-quick and safe charge, by providing a constant average current during “boost” phase.


GYS Batium 7-12

The charge is automatic/without supervision.
50% shorter charge time compared to a traditional charger. Batium ensures an ultra-quick and safe charge, by providing a constant average current during "boost" phase.


Diag-Start 60-24

Charge all battery types: Select the charging curve for the battery type – Liquid, Gel, AGM – or if this is not known, select the Universal Mode which will ensure a safe change for any of these battery types.


Startium 480e

STARTIUM 480E is a Starter Charger that is able to charge AGM/Gel (Stop/Start) Liquid batteries and to safely start modern vehicles.


Startium 680e

Charge to 100% safely: The advanced multi-stage charger will charge to 100% and does not require supervision or the battery to be removed from the vehicle. At the end of the charge the charger enters a float mode to maintain the battery at 100%.


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Car air conditioning recycling systems deliver a profitable and productive solution for your workshop. Get your Workshop ready for the start of Summer and start increasing your turnover NOW!


Injector Cleaning Bench

Replacing Injectors can be very costly. And may take time to source. But do they really need to be replace? Take the stress away and get them cleaned professionally in house!

Opportunity to offer service to the neighbourhood?


Hanatech Leak Detector

This quality product offers you a low tech / high tech solution with great new features.

It represents fantastic value for money and will give you cost and labor time savings for years to come.


Easy Intake Valve

Compatible with any smoke machine. Easy INTAKE fits 100% of automobiles and light, medium and heavy duty trucks to quickly test the integrity of the entire induction system with one simple procedure.


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Superb Work benches to tidy the workshop


Diagnostic Shelf

Top quality Diagnostic Shelf for secure use of your Diagnsotic tools or Battery support unit.


5M long cables

Super strong, European made.
5M long heavy duty cables


BT 551-Start-Stop-Tester

An easy-to-use highly precise professional battery tester with an integrated printer. Multifunction device,


BTW300 Battery/System tester

App easily syncs to your smartphone or tablet. The wireless 6V/12V Battery Tester performs Battery Test, Start-Stop Battery Test, and EV Battery Test


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