autologicboxThe automotive world is transforming. The rapid pace of technological change, and the increasingly complex challenges that come with it, mean that successful workshops need ever-more sophisticated technical support.

Autologic offers a complete solution: Industry-leading diagnostics equipment together with expert guidance and service. It’s a unique combination that enables you to tackle every job with greater confidence, efficiency and profitability.

Diagnostics with intelligence

We offer a choice of two core diagnostics tools – Autologic AssistPlus Advanced and AssistPlus Pro. Each is specified for outstanding usability and effectiveness, with market-leading functionality, vehicle coverage and technical detail. Driven by our unique software, it means faster and more accurate fault resolution.

Multi-award winning diagnostics device

Specified for outstanding usability and effectiveness, with market-leading functionality, vehicle coverage and technical detail. Driven by our unique software, it means faster and more accurate fault resolution.

Problem solved with master technicians

Autologic AssistPlus Advanced and AssistPlus Pro are fully integrated with Autologic Assist, our technical support service. This gives you instant access to OE trained master technicians – online, mobile, via your AssistPlus device, or over the phone. And our experts are on hand to provide advice, fault code information or step-by-step guidance in real-time, talking you through even the most obscure or complex repairs to successful completion.

Get from fault identification to first-time-fix, fast.

To keep pace with new vehicle models and chassis, repair shops have acquired many different scan tools. Identifying root causes can take hours; even days. In recent research, we discovered that up to 25% of cars may never be diagnosed correctly. This situation creates unhappy customers and dramatically impacts repair shop profitability. While tools help with diagnoses, they don’t solve the bigger problem: how to fix the most cars in the shortest time for the maximum profit.

Assist increases workshop profitability and end-customer satisfaction. With Assist, Autologic provides a unique combination of technical insights and state-of-the-art technology. It’s like having a dealer-trained technician in your repair shop right when you need them – and not on your payroll. We help you get to the root cause of issue more efficiently than you ever thought possible, and way faster than tools alone. We estimate that with Assist, you can save an hour a day, which amounts to a saving of over £15,000 every year (calculated on typical labour rates at £60 per hour).

What is J2534 and Pass-Thru Programming?

J2534, also known as Pass-Thru, ensures that independent repair shops can work on modern cars and have cost-effective access to information and ECU programming downloads from vehicle manufacturer when required.

SAE J2534 is a communications standard adopted by vehicle manufacturers that enables compliant devices to reprogram vehicle ECUs. European and US legislation requires vehicle manufacturers to make vehicles, diagnostic and reprogramming applications that are compatible with J2534 devices.

Most modern cars can now be reprogrammed using the J2534 standard. Our products and services enable this without the need for separate, expensive OE tools for each brand.


Guided Pass-Thru

Assist Guided Pass-Thru

All the help you need to register, install and use OEM Pass-Thru Programming. Autologic Diagnostics is only able to provide limited support for the installation of Pass-Thru software and repair of ​vehicle using Pass-Thru. The customer’s PC is not under the control of Autologic Diagnostics at any stage.

How Assist Guided Pass-Thru helps your business​

Increase Pass-Thru programming efficiency. Add new skills into your repair shop to expand your services. Maximize your investment and customer value.

Enhancing your Pass-Thru experience with Autologic

Remote Control

Our Assist Pass-Thru expert technicians walk you through the process using vehicles in your repair shop. Your PC is not under the control of Autologic Diagnostics at any stage.  Consequently, Autologic Diagnostics takes no responsibility for any changes made to the PC’s configuration.

Vehicle Healthcheck

Let AssistPlus check your vehicles to ensure they are ready for Pass-Thru before connecting to the manufacturer’s subscription service.